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2019-2020 Certified Teacher Applications:

Actively seeking Teacher applicants for the 2019-2020 school year. In the Search bar below, type the words: Certified Teacher Applicant Pool.

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General Application Information

IMPORTANT: Please do not create multiple accounts. If you have previously submitted an application please be sure to use the same user name and password. If you have forgotten this information please call 402-436-1582.

To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. After your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation number and your information will be saved, allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications. All positions are subject to a Veterans Preference.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Custodial Supervisor II07/09/2019Custodian ServicesMOORE MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
Custodial Supervisor 1 Evenings07/09/2019Custodian ServicesADAMS ELEMENTARYApply
Coach, Head Boys Soccer Coach07/09/2019CoachNORTH STAR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Coach, Head Swimming/Diving Coach07/09/2019CoachNORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOLApply
Technician, Bilingual Liaison Spanish Language - 220 Day Calendar07/09/2019TechnicianLPSDO FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION DEPTApply
Paraeducator, Early Childhood, 4.5 hrs/day, 173 Days07/09/2019ParaeducatorHILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Para, General Instruction, 7 hrs/day, 183 days07/09/2019ParaeducatorHILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Paraeducator, Early Childhood, 4.5 hrs/day, 173 Days07/09/2019ParaeducatorROPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Para, Early Childhood, 4.5 hrs, 173 days07/09/2019ParaeducatorCAMPBELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Para, Special Education PIV, 6.5 hrs/day, 183 days07/09/2019ParaeducatorWYSONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Light Equipment Operator07/05/2019Maintenance and FacilitiesOPERATIONSApply
Classified Application Profile, 2019-202007/02/2019MiscellaneousDISTRICTApply
Bilingual Interpreter, Hourly as Reported07/02/2019MiscellaneousLPSDO FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION DEPTApply
Secretary II, Federal Programs07/02/2019Office ProfessionalLPSDO FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION DEPTApply
Technician, Educational Technology Analyst07/02/2019TechnicianLPSDO COMPUTING SERVICES DEPTApply
Custodian, Evenings, 12 months07/02/2019Custodian ServicesRANDOLPH ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Certified, Teacher - Special Education, Applicant Pool for 2019-202006/28/2019TeacherDISTRICTApply
Early Childhood: Early Intervention Speech-Language Pathologist .8 FTE06/27/2019TeacherEARLY CHILDHOODApply
Certified, Health, Substitute School Nurse, 2019-202006/26/2019Substitute TeacherLPSDO HEALTH SERVICES DEPTApply
Coach, Assistant Boys Soccer Coach06/25/2019CoachLINCOLN HIGH SCHOOLApply
Custodian, Evenings, 12 months06/25/2019Custodian ServicesROPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Coach, Head Baseball06/25/2019CoachLINCOLN HIGH SCHOOLApply
Foundation, Development Officer, Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools06/20/2019MiscellaneousFoundation for Lincoln Public SchoolsApply
Office, Substitute Office Professionals for 2019-202006/19/2019Office ProfessionalLPSDO HUMAN RESOURCES DEPTApply
Certified, Early Childhood Special Education: Center Based, 1.0 FTE (Two Positions Available)06/18/2019TeacherEARLY CHILDHOODApply
Certified, Substitute Speech-Language Pathologist, 2019-202006/17/2019Substitute TeacherLPSDO SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPTApply
Paraeducator, General Application for 2019-202006/14/2019ParaeducatorLPSDO HUMAN RESOURCES DEPTApply
Paraeducator, Substitute Application for 2019-202006/14/2019ParaeducatorLPSDO HUMAN RESOURCES DEPTApply
Certified, Early Childhood: Early Intervention Speech-Language Pathologist, 1.0 FTE06/12/2019TeacherEARLY CHILDHOODApply
Certified, Early Childhood: Speech Language Pathologist - Center Based, 1.0 FTE06/11/2019TeacherEARLY CHILDHOODApply
Coaches/Event Workers, Middle School Athletics, 2019-202006/11/2019CoachDISTRICTApply
Event and Athletic Personnel, 2019-202006/11/2019MiscellaneousDISTRICTApply
Certified, Early Childhood Special Education: Early Intervention Homebased06/11/2019TeacherEARLY CHILDHOODApply
Secretary, Attendance Secretary. 200 Day, 8 hrs/day05/28/2019Office ProfessionalDAWES MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
Coach. Reserve Girls Soccer Coach05/28/2019CoachNORTH STAR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Technician, Substitute Health Technician, 2019-202005/24/2019TechnicianLPSDO HEALTH SERVICES DEPTApply
Technician, Substitute Treatment Nurse, 2019-202005/24/2019TechnicianLPSDO HEALTH SERVICES DEPTApply
Technician, Treatment Nurse, 2019-202005/24/2019TechnicianLPSDO HEALTH SERVICES DEPTApply
Technician, SQL/3rd Party Query Writer05/21/2019TechnicianLPSDO CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION DEPTApply
Custodian, Evenings, 12 months05/14/2019Custodian ServicesKAHOA ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
Technician, Behavior Interventionist Substitute05/14/2019TechnicianLPSDO SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPTApply
Technician, Assistant Technology Support Specialist, 260 day, 8 hrs/day05/07/2019TechnicianLPSDO COMPUTING SERVICES DEPTApply
Transportation, Paraeducator 2019-202004/30/2019Transportation ServicesTRANSPORTATIONApply
Transportation, Bus Driver 2019-202004/30/2019Transportation ServicesTRANSPORTATIONApply
Nutrition Services Substitute, 2019-202004/30/2019Nutrition ServicesDISTRICTApply
Nutrition Services, Regular & Itinerant, 2019-202004/30/2019Nutrition ServicesDISTRICTApply
Nutrition Services, Manager Trainee, 2019-202004/30/2019Nutrition ServicesLPSDO NUTRITION SERVICES DEPTApply
Coach, North Star Reserve Volleyball04/23/2019CoachNORTH STAR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Mentor for Highly Gifted Students for 2019-202004/23/2019MentorDISTRICTApply
Certified, Substitute Teacher, 2019-202004/10/2019Substitute TeacherDISTRICTApply